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We reach 19,000 readers and 36,000 page views / month

Printed magazine: 1000 copies / issue

Our audience

Age range: 25–34 and 35–44 -year-olds

Gender distribution: women 77% and men 23%

Our readers are interested in

Fashion and fashion business
Entrepreneurship and trading
Marketing services
Technology and digital solutions
Beauty and wellness
Lifestyle, culture and art

Prices website

Banner advertising

Ad on the front page, including visibility in the newsletter(*) 800 euros / week

Ad on the tabs, including visibility in the newsletter(*) 600 euros / two weeks

Ad on the news feed banner on the front page, including visibility in newsletter(*) 500 euros / week

* Fashion Finland’s newsletter has over 4000 subscribers. The average reach is 87% and opening ratio 24%.

Job announcements

For members: 100 euros / announcement

For non-members: 200 euros / announcement

Annual contract for members: 400 euros / year

Commercial collaborations

Starting from 950 euros / article, including social media sharing, visibility in the newsletter(*) and social media advertising.

All commercial collaborations are individually tailored to each company. Please ask for more information via email

Fashion Finlands’s print magazine

Our renewed print magazine will be released in March 2020 and in October 2020.

Advertising prices

Back cover 2300 euros
Two page ad in the inner pages 2700 euros
One page ad 1700 euros
Half page ad 1000 euros
Small ads at the end of the magazine 350 euros / ad

VAT 24% will be added to all prices.

For more information, please contact us by email