Fashion Finland is the Finnish fashion community; a meeting place and a forum for media promotion and support for the fashion industry, business, cooperation and fashion culture.

Cooperation between Finnish fashion professionals began in 1917. Today, the fashion industry is more diverse than ever before and the need for a united community is greater than ever. Fashion Finland is the voice of the industry and the platform where everyone who is interested in or working within the fashion business is warmly welcome.

Fashion Finland strives to make the fashion industry more coherent, diverse and visible – in society and the media. We aim to bring the fashion retailers and the fashion minded together – because united we are stronger. Trends such as digital transformation, globalization and sustainable development are challenges as well as opportunities we can face together.

Fashion business has an important role in Finland – it brings life to cities, creates culture and generates work. Our vision is to be a strong, innovative, agile and progressive fashion organization – in Finland and beyond.